As car enthusiasts and casual observers alike eagerly anticipate the grandeur of the New York Auto Show, there’s an additional layer of excitement awaiting those who opt for a guided tour experience. Amidst the sprawling display of cutting-edge vehicles and automotive innovation, these tours offer a curated journey through the heart of automotive excellence.

Guided tours at the New York Auto Show promise an immersive and educational experience, providing attendees with insider insights and behind-the-scenes knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned car aficionado or simply looking to delve deeper into the world of automobiles, these tours cater to enthusiasts of all levels.

One of the highlights of the guided tours is the opportunity to be led by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about the automotive industry. These experts offer unique perspectives on the showcased vehicles, sharing intriguing facts, historical anecdotes, and technological advancements that elevate the overall experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the exciting lineup of Tour Guides and their schedules:


Aaron Gold is a native New Yorker and a senior editor at Automobile Magazine. Over his twenty-plus-year career as an automotive journalist, he has written for a variety of publications including Motor Trend,, Consumer Reports, Diesel World, Autobytel,, and Britain’s What Car? and Auto Express. A native New Yorker, Aaron now warms his punim under the California sun. His vehicular tastes lean towards the odd and decrepit, including a cantankerous diesel-powered GMC Suburban, an old Dodge Polara, and a Honda CRX that he swears he’ll get running one of these days. When he isn’t playing with cars, Aaron plays with model trains.


EV Focus: Whether you’re an experienced EV owner or merely considering your first electric car, this specialized tour will get you up to date. In addition to the overall Show tour, we’ll focus on all the electric vehicles on display at this year’s New York Auto Show, while discussing performance and range, electric versus electrified vehicles, advantages and disadvantages of going electric, what you need to know about charging, and what’s on the electric-vehicle horizon.

Muscle & Trucks: Join the ultimate automotive enthusiast & journalist, Aaron Gold, on this personal in-depth muscle tour of this year’s New York Auto Show. From the iconic to the utility-driven, experience the awesome power of these vehicles first-hand. Aaron will flex his automotive muscle for you while reviewing the variety, the power, and the fun that drives the passion behind this unique automotive segment.




  • Preview Day EV Focus Tour | Fri, March 29, 9AM
  • Opening Day General Tour | Sat, March 30, 9AM
  • Muscle & Truck Spotlight Tour| Sat, March 30, 7PM
  • General Tour | Fri, April 5, 9AM
  • Muscle & Truck Spotlight Tour| Fri, April 5, 7PM
  • General Tour | Sat, April 6, 9AM
  • Family Friendly Tour | Sat, April 6, 2PM


If you’re curious about what makes a great family vehicle, Kelly’s got you covered! With a down to earth, family-focused, and accessible approach to car tours, Kelly covers everything you’d want to know from a mom’s perspective. She’ll cover features that are necessary for safe car seat installation and important safety tech for new teen drivers. She’ll also discuss why features like window shades, ceiling vents, large cup holders, and trunk space can be deal-makers or deal-breakers for families of all sizes. Join Kelly to learn more about which vehicles make the cut.


Embark on a captivating journey with Kelly, The Car Mom! With a genuine, family-focused approach, Kelly explores essential features from a mom’s perspective, covering everything from safe car seat installations to safety tech for new teen drivers. Discover why window shades, ceiling vents, large cup holders, and trunk size matter for families of all sizes. Join Kelly on this concise yet insightful tour as she unveils the vehicles that truly make the cut, ensuring your family travels in comfort, style, and, above all, safety. Buckle up for an adventure where every detail counts!




  • Media Day Tour with The Car Mom | Thurs, March 28, 2PM
  • Media Day Tour with The Car Mom | Thurs, March 28, 4:30PM


Kristen Lee has been covering the automotive industry professionally for over 10 years. She’s written for Road & Track, Jalopnik, Business Insider, The Drive and is currently a Senior Features Editor at MotorTrend. Kristen also appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage and /DRIVE on NBC Sports.

VIDEO COVERAGE: MOTORTREND INVESTIGATES China’s EV Takeover of MexicoKia EV9 first driveFord Mustang Dark Horse first driveFisker Ocean first driveToyota Grand Highlander first drive


Electric Cars: I see this as the inevitability of the market. More and more automakers are offering EVs and it’s important to stay up to date on them all. However, many of them are brand-new models and they are all a little different. We can walk through their strengths and weaknesses, critique their designs, and explore what sets each one apart.

Enthusiast Vehicles: I love a good enthusiast vehicle, preferably something with a manual transmission, and is affordable for most. Everything from a Honda Civic to a Ford Mustang is fair game, and since there are fewer and fewer enthusiast cars making it to market each year, it’s important to cherish the ones we still have.

Family Haulers: A thing I have learned from my years of covering SUVs is people don’t care as much about how they drive as they do about how practical and useful they are. I love poking around the passenger seats in these vehicles, exploring cupholders, USB ports, and item cubbies. We should crawl into all the seats to test out legroom and see how much space the trunk provides. On paper, a Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot are similar, but how are they different when you’re standing in front of both?




  • Media Day General Tour | Thurs, March 28, 2PM
  • Preview Day Family Friendly Tour | Fri, March 29, 9AM
  • Opening Day Family Friendly Tour | Sat, March 30, 9AM
  • Opening Day EV Focus Tour | Sat, March 30, 2PM


Paul A. Eisenstein is publisher of the online magazine, Headlight.News and a contributor to a broad arrays of outlets in print, broadcast and online. He has been covering the global auto industry for nearly 45 years and has won an array of awards. He’s a founding board member and past president of the Automotive Press Association and a long-time juror for the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year (NACTOY) awards.

“I cover all aspects of the auto industry, from new products reviews to in-depth business reporting. I have extensive experience covering the emergence of “green cars,” writing and reviewing vehicles and technologies such as hybrids, plug-ins, EVs and fuel-cell vehicles. I’ve also extensively covered autonomous and fully driverless vehicle technologies.”


Electric Cars:  These are the wave of the future, though it will take the rest of this decade to fully address some key challenges such as range, reliability, cost and the availability of public charging. That said, I find that motorists who spend time in an EV tend to fall in love with them. The good news is that there’s a growing list of EVs coming to market, with well over 100 different models set to reach showrooms by late 2024. And for those who may not want – or may not be able — to go fully electric, there are green alternatives, including hybrids, plug-ins and even hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

Enthusiast Vehicles:  While most American motorists simply want a reliable vehicle that serves their basic daily needs, there is still a large audience for what might be described as the “enthusiast vehicle.” But the definition has evolved over the years. At one point that generally described folks who wanted a muscle or sports car or, perhaps, a hot rod. Today, it covers a number of other areas of enthusiasm, particularly off-roading.

Family:  When I was growing up, a “family vehicle” was likely to be a full-size station wagon, preferably one with a rear-facing third row for the kids. By the mid-1980s, however, the definition changed, with a focus on minivans. Today, SUVs and CUVs tend to be the most sought-after products for family buyers, with increasing emphasis on models with a third row. And there are more and more of these available in U.S. showrooms. At the same time, we’re seeing such vehicles come with an array of advanced safety technologies that can prevent and accident or, at the least, limit the damage and injuries should one occur. Add infotainment and other comfort tech and parents are less likely to hear the kids call out, “Are we there, yet?”




  • Media Day EV Focus Tour | Thurs, March 28, 2PM
  • Media Day EV Focus Tour | Thurs, March 28, 4:30PM
  • Preview Day General Tour | Fri, March 29, 9AM
  • Preview Day EV Focus Tour | Fri, March 29, 2PM
  • Opening Day EV Focus Tour | Sat, March 30, 9AM


Founder, A Girls Guide to Cars

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Join Scotty for an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the New York Auto Show, the best of new cars, technology and design. Get up an up close and personal look at the best new cars, including award winners, innovative new brands and highly sought after models

You’ll touch, see and experience cars inside and out, including, as available, multimedia systems, new technology and seating, and you’ll see the best of automotive design, inside and out, and the global design trends that influence the automotive landscape.

From electric cars to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid cars, conventional gas engine models and super cars, learn what makes each ideal for different lifestyles. Led by Scotty Reiss of A Girls Guide to Cars and juror of the World Car Awards, this tour gives you exclusive behind the scenes access to the New York Auto Show, answers your questions and lets you see the show before the rest of the general public.

Girls Night Out VIP Tour – Guys Welcome Too! | Sat, March 30, 7PM

This behind-the-scenes tour features exclusive looks at new cars, walk arounds with experts and insider insights. Go beyond the crowds and inside the velvet rope with a personal guide; you’ll be able to get inside cars that are not open to the public and experience the newest in technology such as head up display, voice activation and surround view camera systems. Learn what critics and experts are excited about and see the newest and hottest trends in new cars.

Scotty Reiss, vice chair of the World Car Awards and founder of A Girls Guide to Cars, as well as a contributor to Forbes, is your guide through this exclusive tour. You’ll touch, see and experience cars inside and out, hear from experts and get answers to your questions.

From muscle cars and trucks to electric cars that set records, spacious and pampering SUVs, luxury cars and super cars, you’ll see the show in a way that typically only insiders see it. And you’ll be able to see yourself inside these cars, so get ready to take photos and create memories that will lead you to your next dream ride.




  • Media Day General Tour | Thurs, March 28, 4:30PM
  • Preview Day General Tour | Fri, March 29, 2PM
  • Girls Night Out VIP Tour — Guys Welcome Too! | Sat, March 30, 7PM