Exhibitor Manual

Dear Exhibitors,

We appreciate your participation in the upcoming 2024 New York International Automobile Show.

We have compiled this Exhibitor Manual to assist you in the preparation, installation, running, and removal of your exhibit at the Show. Detailed information is included to facilitate your set-up, including order forms for any services or materials you may need. Please complete appropriate forms for your various needs and return them to suppliers as soon as possible to take full advantage of advance order discounts. This, too, will ensure timely fulfillment of each service and/or material order as well as the preparation of credentials for your staff working within your exhibit.

If there are any instructions that are unclear or if you have any specific challenge not covered in this Exhibitor Manual, please contact me or any member of our Auto Show Team via e-mail or phone.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the 2024 New York International Auto Show!


Diane Thompson, Operations Manager 


Download the Complete Exhibitor Manual


Important Information


Move-In/Move-Out Information

Full move-in/move-out details can be found in the Complete Exhibitor Manual.

  • Level 1 & Level 3 Exhibitors Move-in will be targeted according to space position on the exhibit floor.
    • Move-in & Move-out Schedule
    • Dismantling will begin after 7:01 pm on Sunday, April 7. All vehicles must be removed from Level 3 and Level 1 by12 midnight, Sunday, April 7.
  • Level 4/River Pavilion Exhibitors *River Pavilion exhibits open Saturday*
    • Move-in:  Friday, March 29, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • Move-out:  Sunday, April 7 7:01 pm – 12:00 midnight
      Monday, April 8 12:01 am – 4:00 pm
      Level 4 outbound materials: if weight is less than inbound, inform T3 Expo desk in the Crystal Palace by Sunday, April 7 to weigh outbound materials.  


Javits I.D. Policy for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs)

In accordance with Javits policy, approved managers and supervisors of Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) will be issued a Javits Center I.D. card which they are required to wear at all times in a visible location. Violation of this policy may result in revocation of their authorization and could also result in the revocation of the company’s approval to conduct business at the Center. 

The Javits Center policy for all labor, contractors, and contractor personnel supervising labor (with Javits Center issued I.D.s) is to check-in and enter through the Administrative & Labor entrance at 655 West 34th Street.

Starting on March 29, EAC personnel may enter through the front of the building from 11th Ave. with their NYIAS-issued Exhibit Company credential.


Insurance Requirements

Certificate of Insurance Requirements for

Exhibitor Booth Staffing Requirements



  • The River Pavilion opens to the general public Saturday, March 30, 2024.  All exhibits must be fully staffed with booth personnel during show hours.
    Show Hours: Monday-Saturdays 10:00am -10:00pm, Sundays 10:00am until 7:00pm.
Event Schedule

Delivery of Literature to Exhibitor Booth

Exhibitor & Industry Tickets

Free Exhibitor Staff Tickets
Use your allotment of Exhibitor Staff Tickets for employees who will be working your booth.

Exhibitor/Industry Guest Tickets
Exhibitors may purchase 20 or more general admission tickets to distribute to their guests.

OEM Ticket Program 

Click here to learn more.

General Admission Tickets
The price of on-site admission is $22.00 for adults and $8.00 for children under 12, tax included. Click here to purchase.

Meeting Room Rental

Cultivated (F&B)

Show Contracted Vendors

Complete Vendor Directory

Hotel Information

To offer you an exceptional housing reservation experience, we are pleased to confirm Connections Housing as the official housing company for the  2024 New York International Auto Show, March 2 9 th – April 7th, 2024  at Jacob Javits Convention Center, Manhattan, NY. Through this website, you can book, modify, or cancel your individual hotel reservations.  2024 Hotel Rate Sheet.pdf

Group Request of 10+ Rooms:  All group block requests are subject to review. Some restrictions may apply.  EMAIL:  NYIASHotels@connectionshousing.com

Click here to book your stay

Contact Update Forms for OEMs

Exhibitor Badge Registration

The New York International Auto Show is going digital! NO BADGES will be printed on-site. Exhibitor personnel will receive their digital badge via e-mail.

Key Contact(s) has two options within the Group Registration Portal (GRP):

  1. Enter a unique e-mail address for each person working at the Auto Show. Their digital badge will be sent directly to each individual from the GRP.
    • Please NOTE: some corporate servers have firewalls that block e-mails from unknown sources. Be sure that your system will allow receipt of e-mails from NYIAS 2024 Registration (nyauto24-reg@cteusa.com).
    • Otherwise, use a personal e-mail address that goes to a recognizable account. For example, to accounts ending with: @aol.com, @gmail.com, @icloud.com, @verizon.net, etc.
  2. Enter one e-mail (preferably, their own) for everyone. The Key Contact takes responsibility for distributing each person’s digital badge to them. Digital badges can be re-sent by the Key Contact if lost or accidentally deleted.

All digital badges will come from “NYIAS 2024 Registration (nyauto24-reg@cteusa.com)”. Be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you cannot find it in your In-Box.

Digital badges will be scanned at the Exhibitor/Show Entrance each time your personnel enter.


No Badges will be mailed/printed on-site. ALL badges will be digital and sent to each individual by their respective Key Contact. 

  • If the Key Contact will be attending the Show, make sure that you enter your Key Contact name as one of your registered personnel with corresponding badge type. Key Contacts do not automatically get a badge.
  • You can enter your group of personnel using this Portal. You will be able to enter/remove/edit people on your list throughout the Show.
  • Each person will be issued ONE badge for access for all days that the badge is valid. A person registered for Exhibitor access will receive one badge that they can use throughout the Show. Industry personnel and executives who will only be there on Media & Industry Days will be issued an Industry badge that is valid March 27 & 28 ONLY and will expire at 5 p.m. on March 28. Please read Badge Type descriptions carefully for specific access information.
  • You will NOT be able to delete a person’s registration once a badge has been e-mailed to that person. Please be sure to confirm each person’s attendance/role at the Show before e-mailing their badge.
  • Badges are specific to each individual. Exhibitor personnel will need to show a photo ID as they enter the Show each day. This is to make sure that the name on the badge matches the name on the ID. Digital badges will be scanned at the Exhibitor/Show Entrance each time your personnel enter.
  • You (as Key Contact) will designate the dates that the badge will be valid for each person. Your choices will be listed in the Portal with a detailed description of each. When you enter a name, you will choose from a list of access options. Please review the information before selecting a badge type.
  • Exhibitor – Manufacturer (valid ALL days) is limited to 75 badges per space from all sources (i.e., Key Contacts, EACs, Marketing agencies, product specialists, etc.).
  • Exhibitor – Non-Manufacturer (valid ALL days) is limited to 15 badges per space from all sources (Key Contacts, temporary staff, specialists, etc.).
  • The Portal keeps a count of how many Exhibitor codes have been used so you can easily keep track. In the Portal, if there are multiple Key Contacts drawing from that same allotment, you will be able to see a list of all people who are using your company’s allotment and who submitted each name. This is to help avoid duplication.
  • Each person will only need ONE digital badge. There is no need to register separately for Media & Industry Days and Exhibitor… just choose the badge type that applies to each person.

 Group Registration Portal 

Register for working Exhibitor Badges via the GRP



All Access Card Request Exclusively for OEMs

Special All Access Cards will be available to facilitate exhibit hall access for executives, management, and key exhibit personnel.  These should be distributed carefully and given only to those individuals that will need special access during move-in, media days and public days.  NOTE: The individuals receiving these cards MUST also be entered into the Group Registration Portal as an Exhibitor, Exhibit Company or as an Industry registrant.

ALL ACCESS cards can be mailed to you before the Show or available for pick-up on-site in the Show Office (Level 4 Suites) by you or the person you designate.

 Complete the All Access Card Request Form



Show Decorator Services

Information and order forms of the services offered by T3 Expo. Place your orders early and take advantage of advance order discounts.

T3 Expo Customer Service department is ready to assist you with all your exhibiting needs; please contact help@t3expo.com or call +1.888.698.3397.

T3 Service Orders Advanced Rate Deadline: March 1, 2024  

T3 Service Manual



Javits Center Services

Jake Portal is the Javits Center’s customer portal that provides an online ordering system for all products and services.  Electrical, Audio/Visual, Telecommunications, Plumbing.

You may contact the Exhibitor Solutions Team with any questions via phone 877.452.8487 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern Time or email services@javitscenter.com.

Go to Jake Portal 

Advanced Rate Deadline: March 14, 2024




Floor Plan Meetings

OEM Floor Plan Meetings will be held: Feb. 20-23, 2024 
Reserve a time slot 

Promotional & Sponsorship Opportunities

OEM Eticket Program

Invite your customers to attend the NY Auto Show with a customized eticket landing page, exclusive to your customers.
OEM Eticket Program Information 

Digital Advertising

Reach automotive enthusiasts before, during and after the show via the NY Auto Show website, app, newsletter and social media.
 Digital Advertising Information 

Banner Advertising

Increase your brands visibility with a hanging banner in the Crystal Palace & North Concourse, or one of our other advertising options, escalators, glass doors, outdoor fencing or via the Javits TV Network.
 Banner Advertising Kit

Sponsorship Opportunities

The NYIAS provides numerous sponsorship opportunities and offers unique customized packages to help advertisers reach leading automobile manufacturers, brand influencers, consumers/shoppers, industry, and media.
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