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Level 3

Welcome to Nissan Thrill Street! Everything we do at Nissan has to thrill consumers, from our new Thrill Street themed display, to one of the freshest and most exciting lineups in the industry, and all of the in and out of booth activities, like the new Nissan GT-R garage tour and the ARIYA ride along. If it doesn’t thrill consumers, it doesn’t belong in our display. The THRILL MACHINE is the cherry on top; it’s the end game in our display.

If you participate in 4 out of 5 Nissan display activities, ranging from The ARIYA ride along on level 1, to Thrill Street TRIVIA, you’ll get the opportunity to step up to the high-energy THRILL MACHINE spin the wheel, and if you’re lucky, it may just dispense a prize of unspeakable value.