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Celebrating 60 Years of Hot Rod Passion

In the vibrant world of automotive passion, few pursuits shine as brightly as that of hot rodding. For six decades, the Long Island Street Rod Association (LISRA) has stood as a guiding light for this fervor, inspiring enthusiasts with their unwavering commitment to customizing and showcasing these iconic machines. Now, as they celebrate their 60th anniversary, the LISRA prepares to take center stage once more, this time at the 2024 New York Auto Show.

Hot rods, the very essence of automotive expression and individuality, encapsulate the timeless blend of speed, style, and innovation. Crafted by passionate creators, each hot rod emerges as a unique masterpiece, a testament to its builder’s vision and character. Whether it’s the classic elegance of vintage models or the aggressive demeanor of modern muscle cars, hot rods captivate with their daring designs and unbridled power.

The Hot Rods showcase will be on display from April 1 – April 4.

Some of the Hot Rods that will be on display include: