‘Belonging Bentayga’

Bentley’s latest masterpiece in diversity and inclusion: the ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is on display at the New York Auto Show! This vehicle, recently display at Art Basil Miami, celebrates neurodivergence and craftsmanship.

The ‘Belonging Bentayga’ was hand painted by Stephen Wiltshire, MBE, an autistic architectural artist who can sketch detailed cityscapes upon one viewing. This ‘work of art’ features 29 different landmarks and people from around the globe, it embodies the unity and diversity of our world.

“I believe Bentley and the Belonging Bentayga relate in the same way, bringing people together, creating a journey, creating memories.” – Stephen Wiltshire, MBE

Join us in celebrating diversity, craftsmanship, and the power of inclusivity with Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’. You will also experience hundreds of vehicles, including celebrity cars, custom aftermarket vehicles, and concepts now until April 7th.